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ECS can provide clients with CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training in invasive weed management including Japanese Knotweed identification and removal.

CPD Certification is a qualification highly regarded among professionals as a symbol of competence, reliability, proficiency and expertise in Japanese Knotweed eradication. The training is in the form of seminars presented by an ECS invasive weed specialist.

The topic covered by ECS during the seminar is invasive weeds – including invasive weed identification, invasive weed eradication and invasive weed control and during the training you will learn to identify invasive weeds and the connotations associated with them. Relevant regulations and standards, Health and Safety implications, environmental issues, eradication options and the on-going management and control of affected areas are all clarified within an ECS seminar.

An understanding and advanced awareness of invasive weed and invasive plant issues is a vital component in the pursuit of achieving substantial cost reductions.

In addition to being qualified as CPD certified, ECS take pride in being members of other established, widely recognised and reputed organisations to facilitate and promote awareness and understanding with regards to invasive weeds, Japanese Knotweed removal in particular.

If CPD training is of interest to your company please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

With over 50 collective years experience in the Japanese Knotweed & invasive weed sector you can trust our expert service...

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