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Giant Hogweed - Heracleum Mantegazzianum

This plant spreads via seeds and a seed bank is created in the soil surrounding the infestation. Each mature seed head can produce hundreds of seeds per annum.

Basic Facts

  • Belongs to the Carrot / Parsley family.
  • Has the appearance of Cow Parsley.
  • Has the capability to grow up to 5 metres in height.
  • Stems can measure up to 10cm in diameter.
  • Develops leaves up to 1.5 metres across.

Initially introduced into Great Britain in the 1890’s by the Victorians as an ornamental architectural specimen plant and garden feature.

Giant Hogweed is regulated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act in the same way as Japanese Knotweed. The sap of Giant Hogweed contains furanocoumarin which when in contact with the skin causes photo dermatitis and the production of large painful blisters on the body.

ECS have a successful herbicidal control programme specifically designed to remove all existing plants while exhausting the seed bank which is an environmentally low impact preferential solution while no removal and disposal of soil is required.

With over 50 collective years experience in the Japanese Knotweed & invasive weed sector you can trust our expert service...

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