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Japanese Knotweed and the built environment inquiry launched

The Science and Technology Committee intends to hold a one-off oral evidence session in early 2019 with relevant experts, specifically to explore the science behind the effects of Japanese Knotweed on the built environment.

Inquiry: Japanese Knotweed and the built environment
Science and Technology Committee
Japanese Knotweed is an invasive non-native species with a range of negative environmental effects in the UK. One such effect is in the built environment, in terms of potential damage to buildings and as a nuisance for homeowners and developers.

The presence of Japanese Knotweed is known to have an effect on mortgage lending decisions and property valuations, although it can also be effectively managed.

To inform that session, written submissions are invited on the following issues by Monday 31 December:

What scientific evidence exists on the effects of Japanese Knotweed on the built environment;
How the presence of Japanese Knotweed in the UK affects mortgage lending decisions and property valuations;
Whether mortgage lending decisions relating to the presence of Japanese Knotweed are currently based on sound scientific evidence of its effects on the built environment; and
What guidance for the sector currently exists, the impact of existing legislation, and how else evidence-based responses to the presence of Japanese Knotweed can be encouraged.
You can submit written evidence through the Japanese Knotweed and the built environment inquiry page.

The Committee values diversity and seeks to ensure this where possible. We encourage members of underrepresented groups to submit written evidence.

Tell us about your experience with Japanese Knotweed
To prepare for this evidence session, the Committee is also interested to hear from the public about their experiences of dealing with Japanese Knotweed, whether as a homeowner, tenant, prospective purchaser or developer.

If you would like to tell the Committee about your personal experiences then please fill in this dedicated webform. The Committee intends to invite a group of people who have responded to this form to an engagement event in Westminster on Monday 21 January 2019, 5.30pm - 7.00pm. At the event, MPs will be asking participants more about their experience.

If you would be available on this date and interested in attending please let us know using this form. Space at the event is strictly limited and will be by invitation, and we will contact you with further details if there is space for you to attend.

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