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Japanese Knotweed Excavation and Removal in Residential Property

Our client was the owner of a residential property with very limited access to the rear of the house, which comprised of a decked terrace overlooking a long, narrow garden, which sat several feet lower than the house. There were two infestations of Japanese Knotweed present within the garden. The first was growing underneath and around a garden shed, the second was growing in a rockery that had previously been a pond. The client opted for a full excavation and removal, rather than a treatment solution, as they had plans to redesign the garden.

Due to the lack of clear access for any suitable machinery to carry out the excavations, ECS were tasked with undertaking a full removal of two infestations of Japanese Knotweed by hand. ECS had 4 trained operatives on site for 2 weeks to complete the works. Firstly, the shed was deconstructed, exposing the infestation growing in the area. ECS then dug out all signs of rhizomes across the property, loaded the contaminated soil into wheelbarrows, and transported through the client’s property – which was protected from damage matting and plastic sheets throughout. All material was stockpiled in bags on the driveway and collected by a grab wagon, ready to be transported to registered landfill.

ECS issued a full 10-year company guarantee for the site, giving the client complete peace of mind that all Japanese Knotweed had been removed, allowing the garden renovation works to begin immediately.

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