Is Giant Hogweed Britain's most dangerous plant?

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Is Giant Hogweed Britain’s most dangerous plant?

Is Giant Hogweed Britain's most dangerous plant?

Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is an invasive non native species originally imported to the UK in the 19th century from Central and Southwest Asia.

Reaching upto 5 meters in height with umbrella shaped flowering spikes, the plant really is a giant to the plant kingdom.

Experts call Giant Hogweed Britian’s most dangerous plant, due to the damage it causes to a humans health when touched. The sap from the plant causes painful blisters which can appear 24/48 hours from contact. Blistering can then recur over months and even years, in some cases people have sought medical attention for an extensive period.

If you have Giant Hogweed on site, don’t put yourself or other members of the public in danger, get in touch, we can help

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